We're here to make your business, professional, or academic life easier.



We are located in San Jose, CA but serve anyone traveling through cyberspace.

We are available to serve you M-F 10:00-5:00 by appointment.

Call (408-623-3419) or email us (JODEditing@gmail.com) to discuss your project.


You can depend on us when you want

  • Your business plan, report, article, letter, or other writing to be perfect.
  • Your resume and cover letter to get you to the interview stage.
  • To increase the chance of your article, story, or book being accepted for publication.
  • To get a higher grade on academic papers.
  • To ensure that your PhD or Master's dissertation, thesis, or project is clear and dynamic.


We will proofread, edit, polish, suggest revisions--you decide how much work you want done. 

Our mission is to make the written word an effective tool for you. That's what we're good at, where we have had years of experience, and what we love doing. 

Per-page pricing and services-menu make it easy for you to calculate your cost even before you contact us.


We believe in working closely with you.  After all, you're trusting us with the fruit of your thought, labor, anxieties, and, in many cases, sleepless nights.  The finished product should reflect all of that as well as your individual style and personality.  Therefore, during the editing process, we may need to contact you with questions to clarify a fact or your intended meaning. 

To learn more about who we are and what we have to offer, look through the pages of this website.  Then use the Contact page to ask any questions you may have.  We'll get back to you within two days, usually sooner.


A word of advice while you struggle with creating your manuscript: Don't be discouraged.  Writing, even for famous authors, is usually like giving birth to a baby.  We take our pregnant ideas into the painful labor of getting them onto paper, look with adoration on what we have given birth to--then think about how we'll do things differently next time.  Think of us as a midwife.


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